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St. Peters Window ReplacementReplacing the windows in your home is one of the most important things you can do. New windows this day and age save lots of energy. It is possible to cut your bill by as much as 50%.

Did you know that as much as 40% your home’s air escapes through the windows? Think about what it would be like to have an air tight home that keeps in the warm air during the winter and lets in the cool air in the summer.You owe it to yourself to invest in these new windows.

If saving money on your energy bill is something that is important to you, today’s windows often come with double and triple-glaze options.

For many people, the history of their home often stops them short of replacing windows. They are worried that those ornate windows they have are irreplaceable. These thoughts can be put to rest, because today’s window designers can replicate your old windows down to the last detail.

Today’s windows come with more options in shape, size, materials, and colors than ever before. Now is the time for you to start saving and enjoy those new windows you’ve always wanted.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are perfect for many things:  adding style to your home, ventilating, securing your home, protecting your home from weather, and saving money.

The best thing about awning windows is that they let you see things without something blocking your view. No bars, curtains, or rails will keep you from enjoying the outdoors from inside your home. Not only that, but they come with a ton of design choices, including pine and fiberglass.

The only downside to awning windows is that they can only be cleaned from the outside, so they need to be installed in an area that has low traffic.Their features more than make up for that, though!

Double Hung Windows

St. Peters Window Replacement - Water LevelDouble hung windows are equipped with two sashes, one on the very top and one on the bottom, which makes them excellent ventilators.

In addition to that great quality, they also come in a wide assortment of materials, shapes, and colors, which makes them truly stylish.

Double hung windows are like the having the perfect outfit for any occasion. They fit in anywhere. They are also very easy to open and close, which is always a good thing. That’s not all, though. Double hung windows also save you money on energy consumption, are easy to clean, and secure your home.

How do they secure your home? With the double-glaze option and locks, intruders would have an easier time breaking down the front door than your windows.

Bay Windows

If you ever wanted an ornate look that really widens a room in your home, one of your best options is a bay window. Bay windows consist of a big center window that has two smaller windows on each side. Say goodbye to clutter, and say goodbye to your smaller looking home with bay windows.

Why wouldn’t you want a fantastic view and natural sunlight in your home?

In addition to the view and sunlight, bay windows give you a great place to chill, read a book, grow a plant, or even work, if that’s your thing.  Some people even use these windows as an opportunity to show of new decorations in their home.

Special Shape Windows

If you are the kind of person who likes to be different from everyone else, special shape windows are the answer to your prayers.  When you think of special shape windows, think unique, because they come in an almost infinite array of shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition to their uniqueness, if you choose a stationary model, you can be sure your windows will last a very long time.

With the double and triple-glaze options these windows come with, they can even save lots of energy, and with that, lots of money.

If you’re thinking that you are ready to pack up and try a new locale, there is no better option than special shape windows, because their uniqueness helps add resale value to your home. Who doesn’t want to buy the house with the cool windows?

Hopper Windows

It’s a shame that hopper windows are so often overlooked, because with the amount of space they save, their size, and their terrific ventilation capabilities, they are truly quality windows to install in your home.  Hopper windows are unique in that they hinge on the bottom and open from the top, which means they open wide to let that wonderful fresh air into the house. Not only that, but they seal up nice and tight for that cold winter weather as well.

Hopper windows are one of the best choices to give your house that modern edge you’ve been looking for.

Picture Windows

St. Peters Window Replacement - PuttyEver look at a picture and think, “God I love this view!?” That’s what a picture window is like. It’s like taking a wonderful picture of the outdoors and hanging it on the wall, only the picture is real and it moves. If you are looking to impress, these are the windows for you.

But why would you only want a window that looks great? Picture windows are terrific at keeping air from circulating in and out of your home because they are more often than not closed. Add the double-glaze option and save lots of hard earned money (and energy).

Think about when you were a kid and a window got broken by, say, a baseball. It was really expensive to replace.  In fact, many times just breaking the glass was enough to have to get the whole window replaced. With the multi-frame design offered for picture windows, that scenario is only a distant memory, because if a pane is shattered, it can be replaced rather than having to rework the entire window.

Picture windows can also be used to control the light level in your home with its lightening or tinting options.

Bow Windows

Semicircular with 4-6 panels, bow windows are unique in the windows world, and they add plenty of elegance to any home. They also add lots of warmth due to their heavy insulation.

Even though bow windows are similar to bay windows, they are unique in that they have curved angles, and because of the many angles they have, they let light in abundantly.

If opening up a room, or at least creating the illusion of a bigger room, is your goal, then bow windows will help you to reach it. Plants can even be grown in them.

Heat is forced back into the home with bow windows because of their low emissivity, and because they expand and contract, they are great in all kinds of weather.

Round Top Windows

Probably one of the most stylish windows available, round top windows sit above other windows to create an eye-catching effect.

The thing that makes round top windows unique is that they can be fitted with stained glass for a classic, medieval look, and because of their many glass options, they are very versatile.  They also come in a near infinite number of shapes.

As you can imagine, round top windows are terrific space savers and expanders because they can be placed pretty much anywhere and they help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Also, round top windows are almost always closed, so they save a lot of energy.

Slider Windows

What makes slider windows unique are its two sashes. One of the sashes remains fixed while the other moves side to side, although many manufacturers are designing slider windows with dual sash mobility these days.

These kinds of windows allow a lot of ventilation for the home. They are easy to operate as well.

Weather stripping and Lo-E glass design allows slider windows to offer weather protection and air tight structure, which can help cut energy costs.

Also, cleaning slider windows is a breeze, because they can be cleaned from the inside of your home.

Casement Windows

St. Peters Window Replacement - FitterFor the money conscious, you can’t get any better than casement windows. You don’t have to miss out on style or quality with these windows just because they are cheaper.  These windows are easy to operate and maintain, and they are made with quality materials.

Similar to awning windows, casement windows don’t disrupt your view, so you can enjoy the outdoors from inside your home. Also, they will help to make it seem like your house is less cluttered

One of the best qualities of casement windows is their ability to handle wear and tear over many long years, because they are made stronger than many other window types.

Security is also less of a problem, since casement windows may only be overcome by breaking the glass. Even better, if they are treated with the double-glaze option, they will be resistant to intrusion.

Another great quality of casement windows is their ability to provide air flow or keep things air tight.

Garden Windows

St. Peters Window Replacement - Sliding Door BalconyThe closest thing to having a greenhouse in your home, garden windows will bring the beauty of nature into your life. They are great for nurturing little plants and letting in lots of sunshine. Coupled with the green plants outside your window, you will feel like you are living in a garden.

On top of the view, you will enjoy the fresher, cleaner air that only nature can provide.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are one of the best options money can buy. They provide a truly substantial view from your home, security with their 2 and 4-point locks, soundproofing, and light adjustments with the addition of in-between blinds. They are also made of quality material and glide easily with very little wear and tear.

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